LFS PMS as a Service.

LFS-PMS is a research-focused organization investing in high growth companies, available at reasonable valuations and which have significant potential for long term capital appreciation. Our PMS service helps clients preserve your capital, generate income and grow your investments with a portfolio designed by our investment experts just for you.

What We Do

Fund Management

The main objective of Value Portfolio is to provide long term appreciation through investment in a diversified portfolio of equities of high growth companies.


Our research reports get you a detailed stock market analysis that helps you to investigate and identify market trends, the performance of the companies and many more.

In the media

A collection of all press releases from leading news channels and video interviews of our company experts. These coverages provide an opportunity to enhance the understanding of “Investments” to our clients.

Our Investment Philosophy

We do not simply buy stocks , we help our clients buy valuable businesses. Our stock selection is based on different parameters – Quality of Management | Return on Equity | Valuation at which stock is available & many more.

“Win or lose, everybody gets what they want out of the market. Some people seem to like to lose, so they win by losing money.”

Ed Seykota

PMS v/s Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are required to retain investments of at least 65% in equities at all times which is not the case with PMS. PMS can liquidate the entire portfolio in case of fall.

Mutual Fund Schemes are standardized products; investors have to choose amongst a basket of available schemes.

PMS Portfolios take into consideration the unique circumstances and objectives of each investor.

PMS Benefits:

Management Team

Dedicated fund management team.

Investment Committee

The stocks are constantly monitored and reviewed by the investment committee.


The reports on portfolio are sent to the client on a monthly basis.

Operational Activity

Clients are kept free from operational activities.

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