The Value Portfolio

Our Ideology

This is a fundamental portfolio comprising of stocks from diversified industries which are lucrative from valuation perspective. The idea behind this portfolio is to invest in high-quality and high-growth companies which can deliver steady growth in returns over longer time to investors whilst targeting bigger AUM for the PMS firm.

The aim is to translate power of compounding from ‘earnings of companies’ to ‘portfolio returns.’

Our Methodology

Value Portfolio will be well diversified portfolio across different companies and sectors.

Macro-level filtration criteria – Portfolio level:

  • The Portfolio shall consist of companies in large & mid cap segment only
  • The qualifying company should have minimum market capitalization of Rs 5,000 crores
  • The Portfolio will be concentrated in 12-15 stocks
  • Allocation to any sector shall be limited to 30%
  • Allocation to any company shall be limited to 10%


Macro-level filtration criteria – Company level:

  • Earnings growth
  • Debt levels
  • Product profile
  • Management quality

Terms & Conditions